February 27, 2021


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Storms – Now is the Time to Inspect Your Roof

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Roof maintenance and repair. It is an unsought good. Few think of their roofs and preventative mending, reconstruction and upgrades to their real estate until their overheads start leaking, and puddles of water appear on their linoleum flooring.

You can count on one thing that is for sure – summer rains – be they mild or torrential torrents or even violent twister storms. Whether its is your main domicile, commercial real estate or a summer cottage or camp now is the time to check those shingles.

Start firstly from ground level itself. Take the time and effort to carefully examine your roofing as a whole. Is a substantial amount of shingles either missing or damaged? Are “composition type” shingles curling up at their ends or missing a fair amount of the mineral granules that cover their topsides? Is it the case, at this point in your apartment damansara building’s covering span that heavy duty and aesthetically appealing wooden shakes or shakes cracked, brittle or no longer laying flat on the shakes below?

If any of the answers to these home or vacation retreat real estate questions is an emphatic “yes”, then it is probably time for a new head of hair so to speak – an entire spanking brand new roof covering. It is a well known truism by experienced roofers in the building trades that “worn” shingles are difficult to “patch” into, Even if the tradesman is highly experienced high end condominium over many years of completing myriads and various forms of roofs and roofing building materials. that to mix in or “weave in ” new shingles themselves along with old ones can often do tremendously more harm than good. To mix in new replacement roofing materials along with the previous roof coverings can be said to be “false economy” and no real bargain when you consider your real estate maintenance and repair budget overall, both in the short term and certainly in a long and longer terms sense.

On the other side of the equation – or side of your residence or habitat, you come to the fair and actual conclusion that after a comprehensive and complete examination of the condition of your roof and roofing materials that all in all and in honesty and actuality, that you have only a few isolated problem areas – then you can consider it your lucky day. Consider this a major cost saving to yourself and your high-end condominium property maintenance budgets. In these circumstances of finding only a few small, minor problem areas and concerns on your roof that your roofing repair and upgrade costs will be substantially less. To maintain the condition of your roof, in a non – leak format by early and preventative care of these isolated roofing and shingle problem areas is a wise endeavor. You can be sure that you are saving yourself much time, effort, money and are the best value by far all in all.

After all is it a wise thing to check your roof now – ahead of summertime storms and severe weather activity occurs and you find puddles on the floor, water damaged ceilings or worse property damage to your real estate and property – be it your city home, condo or summer leisure vacation property at the lake or in the country.

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